Art Education: Glancing into it

Art education has been a discipline that has experienced much popularity among all cultures across the globe. Moreover, the discipline has been prominent across all ages as well. However, despite the concept or the subject of art education being so common, most are not acquainted with the idea that there are several approaches to the same. Here is a short discussion into the various appearances or models followed by the providers of this educational discipline.

Here art education basically refers to western schools and the western perspective on the same. The approaches to the discipline keep changing with issues and time. Of course, all these approaches stem from personal opinions of a group of critics and the like.

The most common models for art education include the following:

A six tier model that can be divided on lines of being creatively productive, cultural historic and critical responsive exists. There is another approach that is called the discipline based education. It is considered old school at present but was much in vogue in the earlier decade in USA and other western countries. This model has evolved across generations and cultures and extent in some degree at certain places. If you turn the clock further still, the approach that comes to mind is that of the teaching for the purpose of artistic behavior.

This approach propounds an individualistic encouragement while the students are rendered art education along with a study of art history. There are the aesthetical schools; studio praxis as well as semantics and phenomenology approaches that are prevalent in the present era as well. It is to be noted that the approaches are never static. They keep evolving as per the changes in sensibilities and theories.

It is believed widely that having a strong art education helps students perform better in other subjects too. Though there is no warranty on this, the theory cannot be proved totally wrong either. It has been seen that if the mind asserts more of itself on artistic things, then the other things automatically get a boost. Apprenticeships and the atelier modes are two common approaches that can be merged while a student is busy with other work as well. Whatever, be the approach, it sure is effective for budding artists. In case you are interested in getting some insight into art and art history, then this discipline could work wonders for you. Research into the nearest centers whereby you could get some skills polished up soon.

Ukraine Universities the Destinations for Qualitative and Cost Effective Education

�When are you flying abroad?� sounds pleasant to the ears. Well! Flying to a different country for cost-effective and qualitative education is a dream come true for many youngsters and their parents. But, the two confusing questions are �which course to choose?� and �which place to go?� And the �fee modules� of universities will likely answer these questions. Unlike most universities abroad that are costly for foreign students, universities in Ukraine are pretty cost-effective and comfortable.

Historical overview

Ukraine is situated in the midst of central and eastern Europe. It has been attracting many foreign students to study in its universities. Most universities in Ukraine hold a great historical background as many universities are older than the Sovereign Ukraine and they hold a history of Soviet Origin.

Quality education

The Ukrainian government keeps intensifying efforts to meet the competition and educational standards across the world. Ukraine responds to the global technology advancements and upgrades the educational standards and facilities in its universities accordingly.

Conducive learning atmosphere

Students who study in Ukraine enjoy each and every bit of what they are taught as the teaching structure in Ukraine is based on a philosophy of learning and not just a �by-hearting session.� Adequate number of practical classes and real life tasks nicely balance the learning process and cement the acquired knowledge in the minds of the students who study in Ukraine universities.

An overview on top universities

Students who want to take admission in Ukraine universities have a choice of 900 universities that are scattered in different places of various states. For the choosy ones, the top universities list holds universities like Taras Schevchenko university, Donetsk medical university, Odessa state medical university and National aviation university Kiev.

Courses offered

Universities in Ukraine offer a wide range of educational course programs in almost any field of education. Starting from engineering courses to management courses, �study in Ukraine� is a wonderful opportunity. Be it economics, aeronautics, marine or medical and health courses, they are all at the Ukraine universities. Though all fields of education are available at Ukraine, most people feel to study medicine in Ukraine is an ultimate thing to do.


To study medicine in Ukraine is absolutely a good investment of time, money and career acquisition. Medicine courses are developed with great technological advancements to make students experience the best ways of studying.

Admission procedures

Study in Ukraine admission is simple yet three important things are to be borne in mind.

Sponsorship, requirements and documents play the major role in getting an admission in the Ukrainian universities.

Financial balance

Though Ukraine is known for its cost-effective educational system, it is of course important to think about other avenues to manage the external finances. Relying on student jobs is not a real good thing as student jobs are not readily available for foreign students in Ukraine.

Clarity on requirements

It is necessary to make sure that all the required entries are clear and appropriate with regard to the course, university and the place where the student would want to reside in Ukraine.


Be it educational, travel or any other documents, they all play an important role in leading a tension-free life in a foreign country like Ukraine. Qualification documents, identification documents and admission documents are to be carried at every instance till the joining.

Once everything is ready, its just the right time to enjoy the best and quality education at a cheaper education paradise like Ukraine.

Educational Technology – A Boon to Education System

Today education is oriented towards constructive perspective on the development of learning. It Is the student himself who can integrate knowledge in a meaningful way. The school contributes to the construction of knowledge by encouraging the creation of a positive environment for the relevant activity of teaching and learning. The main function of the school is to create an enabling environment that allows the resources and expertise brought by multiple concepts to reach students and enable them to take self directed approach in the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

A classroom that is equipped with computers and computerized educational programs encourage cooperative learning and dialogue among all students. Students develop the ability to investigate problems solutions, keep records, and evaluate programs and to gather updated information that will keep them well informed about the disciplines they study. They build their own knowledge and concepts in addition to establishing relations between the knowledge of different subjects. This helps them integrate the knowledge and motivate them to enrich the circle of information that interests them.

Through Educational Technology the learner is able to develop understanding to establish meaningful relationships between the different dimensions of scientific knowledge, mathematical, historical and language. The teacher as facilitator of learning presents educational alternatives to students using technology (tapes, slides, lectures, problem solving, research, educational games, etc…).

We know that the knowledge is not static and the student who is trained in the use of educational technology develops an attitude of analysis and evaluation of content for education which supports him in holding on to most recent information about a subject.

Proper use of computer programs help the learner to learn at their own pace and according to their abilities and stages of intellectual development. There is unlimited resource which can be tapped using educational technology which was never possible otherwise.

The true role of a teacher as a facilitator rather than a spoon feeder has shown its benefits for a learner with the advent of educational technology. The proper use of Educational Technology can meet different learning styles of students. Those with an outstanding visual ability can benefit from using video to reinforce what they hear or vice versa. Those who are skilled listening, retain, improve and strengthen their information-processing skills using hearing programs. Students who have superior ability in handling, instructional models can be constructed with the aid of computerized programs.

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